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at Cole Law Group, PLLC you'll receive the powerful legal experience and guidance that you need to win your battles. Need to resolve a dispute, restore peace, initiate and enforce legal boundaries or win the victory in a critical case? Allow our trusted law firm to act as the legal guardian at your service!

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Welcome To Cole Law Group

Licensed Attorney in Alabama

Certified Mediator in Alabama and Georgia
Office Number: (205) 569-4246

The attorneys of Cole Law Group, PLLC have a passion for serving clients to ensure that their estate is left the way they choose and not in the hands of the courts or left to family disputes. We also ensure compliance with both employment (Title 7) and equal assessments and assets (Title 6) laws.


Our founder, Lula Cole, has over 30 years of experience working to protect the rights of workers, negotiating government contracts, and mediating issues, and disputes as a licensed Alabama attorney, certified Alabama and Georgia mediator, and owner of the Cole Law Group.


Our law group also has a community outreach ministry, Radah Transition Center (RTC), to help underserved communities.... read more about us

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Our Services & Programs

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Cole Law Group


Transition Center

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Areas Of Practice

At Cole Law Group, we contribute our focus areas to our 10+ years of experience, legal influence, and compassion. We are Alabama-licensed attorneys and certified mediators in Alabama and Georgia focused on the following areas of law:



  • Contact


Family Law

  • Uncontested Divorce

  • Uncontested Custody/Visitation

  • Child Support Modification

  • Guardianship/Conservatorship

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Attorney-Mediator/  Speaker

  • Educates individuals on estate planning, employment law, and compliance with federal and state law


Civil Rights

  • Title 6

  • Title 7


Probates, Wills & Estates

  • Will Preparation

  • Power of Attorney

  • Estate Administration


Criminal Law

  • First Time DUI Offense

  • First Time Youthful Offender Robbery


Real Property

  • Deeds

  • Mortgage Foreclosures

  • Ejection/Evictions

Delivering Justice One Case at a Time

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Office Number: (205) 569-4246

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Radah Transition Center (RTC) was named by former offenders, who were incarcerated with Lula’s brother. RTC serves to provide spiritual needs to offenders' families through: Community Outreach Ministry, Positive Influence to Risk Youth, and Food, Clothing, and Shelter.

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